Please inspect the condo and notify us know immediately about any cleaning or maintenance problems.  We would like to rectify them right away.  Nikki and Jason Brady (540) 454-6662


CHECK-IN:  3:00 PM


Prior to your arrival, an email will be sent with the combination to the front entry door.  Two sets of keys are located to the right of the front door for use throughout your stay.  Each ring includes a Front Door, Sliding Glass Door, and a Laundry Room key.  Please return both rings upon departure.  The rings will be helpful if you plan on entering and exiting the unit through the sliding glass door.  If not, the keyless entry will be sufficient.


Wifi:  Listed on fridge at condo

Password: Listed on fridge at condo


The Living Room and Bedroom 1 connect to Direct TV.  Bedroom 2 is only able to view DVDs.



A roll of toilet paper, paper towel, and a bag in the trash will be available when you arrive.  If you need more than that during your stay, please bring it with you. Every once in a while guests will leave what they bought behind, so feel free to use whatever is underneath the sink.

The linen closet is open to guests.  Feel free to use the items within when needed:  lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, broom, mop, night lights, shampoo, hair dryer, iron, etc.  Please return the items back to the correct location after use.


  • This is a non-smoking unit.

  • No grilling on balcony areas.  Grilling at the grassy area near the water is permitted.

  • No loud noise, music, or parties.

  • Floating dock is for guest boats only.

  • Relax and enjoy your stay!