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CHECK-OUT:  10:00 AM


  • Return indoor and outdoor furniture to original locations

  • Broom clean carpet and floors of excessive debris​

  • Pile soiled bath towels on bathroom floor

  • Pile soiled sheets on bedroom floor

  • Wipe countertops clean

  • Unplug appliances

  • Place all bagged trash in the outside receptacles

  • Place soiled dishes in the dishwasher and start the clean cycle

  • Remove  all food items in kitchen and refrigerator (Charges will be added if cleaning staff needs to remove trash and food)

  • Close and lock all windows

  • Close and lock sliding glass door

  • Re-set main Heat / AC systems:

    • Spring, Fall, and Winter: Set thermostat at 60 degrees

    • Summer:  Set thermostat at 68 degrees

  • Turn off all lights

  • Return TWO (2) sets of key rings to hooks by front door.

  • Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock upon exiting.

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